Diamond in the Rough

  • Players: 2-4
  • Features Used: Resource Icons
  • Cards Used: 5 Bombs (#s 96-100), 1 Gem (#s 41-45), 5 each of up to 4 resources


Remove 5 Bombs, 1 Gem, and 5 of N resources where N is the number of players (e.g., for a 3-player game, you may choose to remove 5 Crates, 5 Oil, and 5 Fish). Shuffle all of these into a deck that will be used for this game.

Deal four cards to each player for their hands. Each player will have two places that have cards: their hand (which is hidden information) and the tableau, which is public information. All cards owned by the players start in their hand. Draw three cards face-up in the center.


On a turn, a player can do one of the following:

  • Bomb: Remove a Bomb in their hand from the game. Choose a resource type and an opponent. The player responds if they have that resource in hand (not in tableau) and must be truthful.
    • If the player has that resource, the bomber chooses one:
      1. take a face-up card from the table and place it in their tableau. The bombed player removes the named card from the game.
      2. take a face-down card from the top of the draw deck into their hand. The bombed player removes the named card from the game.
      3. take the named card from the bombed opponent and place it in the bomber’s tableau. The bomber chooses either a face-up card or the top-card from the deck to replace it in the bombed player’s hand.
    • If the bombed does not have that resource, the bomber draws a replacement from the top of the draw-deck.
    • If a player has been bombed, they may not be bombed until their next turn.
  • Resupply: Discard a card face-up to the center and draw a new card from the top of the face-down deck to your hand or from the face-up cards to your tableau.
  • Invest: Discard the Gem face-up to the table to draw three cards from the face-down deck or two from the center face-up cards. This will increase the player’s hand size for the rest of the game.
  • Retire: Discard four-of-a-kind (even bombs!) or three-of-a-kind and the Gem  from their hand and/or tableau to win the game.

If the draw-deck runs out, then each player (including the current player) gets one additional turn. If no player can discard four-of-a-kind, the player holding the gem wins. If no player is holding the gem, all players lose.

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