About Zack

Here is a relatively recent bio:

Zack Hiwiller is a game designer, educator, and writer living in Orlando, Florida. He is a department chair for the Game Design degree program at Full Sail University and does consultant work for many large and small companies. Previously, in addition to independent projects, he was a designer at Gameloft and Electronic Arts. His writings at hiwiller.com have been reposted by Kotaku, GameSetWatch and others and have reached over two million readers. You’ve probably seen something of his reposted without attribution on sites like 9gag, Buzzfeed, TheChive, and others. Mark Zuckerberg used an image from one of his blog posts in his keynote at the 2011 F8 conference, and while he’d have liked to have been cited, he actually thought it was pretty cool.

Better yet, here’s my LinkedIn page which is generally well-updated.

Fun Facts

  • I officiate high school football games, usually from the Line Judge or Head Linesman positions. I’ve been doing this since 2008. In 2018, I worked the FHSAA 7A State Championship at Camping World Stadium.
  • I’ve been an Independent Games Festival judge since 2014.
  • I’ve presented at the East Coast Games Conference, Orlando iX, IGDA Orlando and I am a facilitator at Project Horseshoe.
  • I was the last person to ever purchase the classic Epic game ZZT from the publisher.
  • I was on the national CBS evening news broadcast in 2009 with a super-precious chyron: